WLAN PHY Systems/Modeling Engineer

Location: San Jose, California
Date Posted: 08-08-2016
JOB PURPOSE: Work on next-generation Wi-Fi physical layer HW modeling, micro-architecture development, and performance characterization.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop, deliver, and maintain fixed-point C++/SystemC models for next generation (802.11ax) physical-layer (PHY) HW implementation; Models are used as golden reference for Design Verification (DV) as well as performance characterization and final performance sign-offs; Develop large-scale automation tools and testing infrastructure for code-quality assurance and performance characterization for end-to-end PHY models; Help maintain regressions and assist in debug/root-cause efforts to resolve issues Identify performance deficiencies and propose enhancements to PHY algorithms and implementation; Work closely with Standards, Design and Verification teams to ensure timely deliveries of models and verified designs.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Experience and expertise in Fixed-point C++ or SystemC HW model development; Strong PHY/MAC algorithm & communication system design background; Strong communication and collaboration skills.  Experience working with geographically distributed teams. Familiarity with Jenkins and/or other automation tools

Preferred: Masters degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science;
Desired: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science;
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